CrossFit Gym in Thunder Bay, Ontario

712 Vickers Street N. Thunder Bay, ON (807) 252-8777


Group Classes

No Contract

1 Month – $150.00
3 Months – $435.00
6 Months – $840.00
1 Year – $1343.64


3 Months – $145.00 monthly
6 Months – $140.00monthly
1 Year – $130.00 monthly
1 Year (Paid in Full) – $1343.64

Punch Card Options

10 Punch Card Passes – $200.00
20 Punch Card Passes – $300.00                                         OPEN GYM MEMBERSHIP     50.00$ per month/550.00$ per year    

All prices are in Canadian dollars & subject to HST.    

Introductory Foundations (For those new to CrossFit)

Superior CrossFit helps individuals new to CrossFit break into the biggest movement in the fitness industry in recent years with our Introductory Foundations Course. Think of this as “CrossFit 101”, where you will learn the material and movements needed for CrossFit at a slower pace and in a supportive fun environment.

Our Introductory Foundations program includes multiple sessions with one of our CrossFit trainers.  This is 3.5 hours of small group training (4 athletes to 1 coach). The training is designed to get you comfortable with the movements, and to integrate you into the class setting. On top of this, you will receive a 2 week membership which is included in the cost of your Introductory Foundations training.  This 3.5 hours of small group training($150 value) plus the 2 weeks of unlimited CrossFit classes all for $105.00 plus HST is a small but very worthwhile investment in yourself!

$105.00 includes a free 2 week membership.

We are proud to offer EMS & student discounts. Please see staff at gym for these options.