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Classes And Pricing

Introductory Foundations (for those new to CrossFit)

Superior CrossFit helps individuals new to CrossFit break into the biggest movement in the fitness industry in recent years with our Introductory Foundations Course. Think of this as “CrossFit 101”, where you will learn the material and movements needed for CrossFit at a slower pace and in a supportive fun environment.

Our Introductory Foundations program includes multiple sessions with one of our CrossFit trainers.  This is 3.5 hours of small group training(4 athletes to 1 coach). The training is designed to get you comfortable with the movements, and to integrate you into the class setting. On top of this, you will receive a 2 week membership which is included in the cost of your Introductory Foundations training.  This 3.5 hours of small group training($150 value) plus the remainder of your month of unlimited CrossFit classes all for $105.00 plus HST is a small but very worthwhile investment in yourself!

Group Classes

Group classes are open to everyone who has completed the FOUNDATIONS course and is not divided by age, gender or skill level. Everyone is welcome and we all do the same workout. Scaling (adjusting the workout to suit your ability) is part of the program. Group training, although challenging, is FUN! You will not only achieve elite fitness, but will become a part of a distinct community… will be a CROSSFITTER!!!

** Summer hours may be in effect. Check website.

MONDAY to FRIDAY – Coach lead classes, 5:00 am, 6:00 am, 11:00am, 12:00 noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, Open gym at 7:00 am, 1:00 pm daily and 6:30 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

SATURDAY – 8:00 am, 9:00 am classes.
10:00 am – Open gym time for members

SUNDAY – 10:00 am, Open gym time for members.

Kids Classes

Superior CrossFit Kids classes are a great way to introduce fitness to our youth.  Each class is instructed by one of our certified CrossFit trainers . Classes are simply a scaled down version of the adult CrossFit classes specifically designed for the age of the athlete.   Classes are split up into two separate age groups – 6 to 9 yrs and 10 to 13 yrs with a maximum number to assure fun!  Kids will have a blast learning to exercise properly which in turn will create a love for being active.

Superior CrossFit requires a minimum of 3 kids per age group for the classes to run. You will be contacted before the start date if the classes are cancelled due to lack of participants.

Next CrossFit Kids classes:

To Be Announced, email for information

Classes run for 6 weeks – 6 classes in total

Sorry but there will be no refunds or prorated pricing for missed classes.



At Superior CrossFit we offer workshops to our athletes to help you master a skill and new to Superior CrossFit.

Please click the “SIGN UP NOW” button below to register and to see a list of upcoming workshops.

Price List for Membership

Remember, you are paying to be trained by a Strength and Conditioning (Certified CrossFit) Coach,

Think of it as Personal Training in a group setting!


– listed below.  Please look at the list before you purchase a membership to see if you are entitled to one!


105.00$ plus hst, THIS ALSO INCLUDES A TWO WEEK MEMBERSHIP!  Call Rooster @ 807-252-8777 to book your foundations

DROP IN – Free

Punch Passes

PUNCH CARD – $200.00 + taxes (10 classes)

PUNCH CARD – $300 + taxes (20 classes)

Unlimited by Commitment

(***located under contracts when you purchase)

UNLIMITED 3 MONTHS – $145.00 pp/month
UNLIMITED 6 MONTHS – $140.00 pp/month
UNLIMITED 12 MONTHS – Currently on SALE for $130.00 pp/month

Kids Classes

To Be Announced, email for information  

6 week session (6 classes in total) – $85.00

**You will need to create a profile/login using your CHILD’S name and date of birth to register.  Once payment is made make sure you “register” your child to the class (links are all provided, just follow the steps) otherwise they will not actually be added to the class roster.

If a parents name/DOB is used as a login then you will not be able to sign your child up for the class.


Trainers Class – Various nights and times each week (hit the sign up now button and go to the CrossFit Classes tab to register) – must be a CrossFit member to attend

Discounts on Memberships

If you feel that you are entitled to a discount please advise Superior CrossFit via the contact page BEFORE you purchase your membership. Superior CrossFit management has to apply the discount as it is not an option during your purchase.


  1. POLICE, FIRE, EMS, & MILITARY (because your life depends on your fitness)
  2. STUDENT – provide a valid Student ID card (applies to full-time and part-time students)
  3. PAY TOTAL COMMITMENT (pay up front)

If you are an AFFILIATE or a MEMBER at another CrossFit gym and visiting our city contact us for pricing.